M&W Flexitank Supply - Products

COA Compliant Bulk Liquid Packaging System

  • Flexitanks ranging in size from10k to 24k litres
  •  Two Triple Co-Extruded PE Inner Liners each 12 mil (300 microns)
  • Woven Polypropylene Outer Cover 200 grams m²
  • Black 3” Polypropylene Ball Valve w/Integrated Flange – PTFE Seals w/Silicon Gasket (top or bottom outlet available)
  • Optional Top Mount Air Vent Line or Pressure Relieve Valve
  • Optional Barrier Film for Improved Oxygen Migration Properties - < 2.0 cc / m2 / day (23°C; 75% RH) – ASTM F1927
  • Low Temp Rating -10c
  • High Temp Rating + 70c
  • All Materials Food Grade Certified
  • 6-Steel bar Soft Design Bulkhead





Steel Frame Bulkheads

  • Steel Frame Bulkheads
  • One, two, or three panel Steel Frame Bulkhead 1.5m High
  • PVC Backing Board for Full Frame or Each Panel
  • Steel Fastening Bolts w/Lock Nuts for Secure Fitting/Assembly
  • Valve Support Cradle Prevents Movement of Fitted Bottom Outlet Tank Prior to Loading
  • Black Plastic Powder Spray Coating on Steel Frame



One Panel Steel Frame Bulkhead    Three Panel Steel Frame Bulkhead