M&W Flexitank is a Worldwide Provider of Non-hazardous Bulk Liquid Packaging Solutions.
April 4, 2017

Company Profile

Mak & Williams Flexitank Supply is a Hong Kong registered company founded in January 2008. M&W designs and manufactures single trip disposable flexitanks in our purpose built facility located in Guangzhou, China. M&W produces multi ply flexitanks using triple co-extruded polyethylene blown film. We use only original high quality raw materials for all of our products.

Why M&W Flexitank?

  • M&W Flexitank and bulkhead designs are COA- Code of Practice compliant
  • Flexitank Design is Lloyds Register Type Approval Certified
  • M&W Flexitanks are authorized for use on the China National Railway as well as the following North American Class I RR’s
    • BNSF
    • CSX
    • UP
  • Food Grade Certifications for all Materials Used by M&W
  • Optional barrier film for oxygen migration
  • M&W Proprietary Design 3″ Ball Valve With Integrated Compression Flange
  • Top or Bottom load/discharge
  • 10,000-24,000 liter capacity
  • Wide Range of Product Compatibility
  • Global public and product liability cover
  • Fully warranted

M&W Flexitank Benefits

  • More cost effective than other bulk packaging options
  • Converts standard dry cargo container into one-way bulk liquid system
  • Disposable – a new tank every time
  • Food grade approved and certified
  • Environmentally friendly, fully recyclable
  • Product handling versatility with increased payload performance

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